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How we performed over the last 3 months

What Simply Six means


Every month, we release our “Simply Six” report, which consists of six key performance metrics that provide a detailed overview of our performance in the preceding month. Additionally, we maintain records from the two months prior to the current one, ensuring full transparency regarding our services and facilitating the identification of trends over each quarter. The term “Simply Six” signifies our top six priorities for enhancing customer experiences.

These metrics are just a glimpse of our ongoing efforts to evaluate and improve our services. In addition to the “Simply Six” metrics, we analyze extensive data across all service aspects to provide clients with detailed reports, demonstrating our commitment to exceeding expectations. Our “Simply Six” metrics reflect both client interests and our Service Desk team’s exceptional work.


When you reach our service desk, we understand your need for a speedy response. We aim to answer calls within 15 seconds, ensuring you receive immediate assistance and can quickly get back to your day.


This metric measures how quickly an engineer responds to a support request, focusing on the initial reply time rather than problem resolution time. Our goal is to keep you informed throughout the process and provide a prompt initial response, so you don’t have to wonder whether your request has been acknowledged or if we’re addressing it.


Tracking our average time to resolution reveals the time it typically takes to address a support ticket from creation to completion. Our goal is to empower individuals to excel with technology, and a quick resolution ensures you can focus on your core tasks. By swiftly addressing your concerns, we prioritize delivering an outstanding customer experience.


Tracking tickets closed within the same day ensures you receive speedy solutions to your concerns, minimizing disruptions and allowing you to maintain your productivity. This reflects our dedication to providing efficient and responsive customer support, valuing your time and priorities.


The Service Level Agreement (SLA) metric outlines our commitment to meeting agreed-upon service standards and tracking KPIs associated with SLAs ensures transparency, accountability, proactive issue resolution, and continuous service improvement, ultimately guaranteeing reliable, high-quality services tailored to your needs and prioritizing your success and satisfaction.


As part of our customer experience program, we conduct post-ticket satisfaction surveys. Clients rate their recent experiences as good, neutral, or bad and can share comments about their issue. We thoroughly review all feedback, positive and negative, and investigate any neutral or negative ratings. Listening to our clients is crucial for refining our services and driving continuous improvement.

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