Virtually instantaneous support

Before Simply IT we had an IT guy. There always seemed to be problems and we learned to cope with the support provided. Nothing is more frustrating than turning away business because your computer doesn’t work.

Not anymore! When we hired Simply IT the difference was like night and day. They were professional, fast, and extremely thorough. Their support is virtually instantaneous. Simply IT makes our previous IT provider seem like a backyard mechanic. Best of all, we can focus on our business not technology problems. What a stress reliever!

Tom’s Auto Tag and Notary Service

Unmatched in Lehigh Valley

Since switching to Simply IT, we have noticed a marked improvement in all aspects of network efficiency. I can safely say that Simply IT's experience base and level of expertise in information technology is unmatched here in the Lehigh Valley. I would highly recommend speaking with them about the services they can offer your institution.

PPL GOLD Credit Union

I sleep easier at night

Simply IT has proven to be both trustworthy and technically competent. They have been able to solve all of our issues and have answered many programming questions that proved to be extremely accurate and thus helpful.

When we signed with Simply IT, we needed to migrate our outdated server quickly and with minimal impact to our business. I had several concerns because we use custom software and our previous vendor could not provide an adequate solution. Simply IT expertly addressed all of my concerns and our migration went extremely well. Our network has never been more stable!

I sleep easier at night knowing that I have serious, responsible pros by my side.

Sobrinski Painting Inc.

Worth their weight in gold

We have been working with Josh for more than 15 years. His integrity, insight and technical expertise have proven very valuable. I am consistently impressed with the wide range of solutions Simply IT can deliver and support. They are always available when we need them (and I mean always!), and the price is right.

We use several solutions that require specialized experts in areas like finance and building automation. When those vendors don’t deliver, I just ask Simply IT to take over. I am amazed at how Simply IT gets the results I need, when I need them, and they make more sense than the “specialized experts”. I highly recommend Simply IT to any business, they are worth their weight in gold.

Dan Schantz Farm and Greenhouses

Simply IT has a very thorough process, and helped uncover and organize our concerns. Ultimately this will define our future course of action.

Liberty Engineering, Inc.

We needed a solid, cost effective, fully featured phone solution for our marketing firm. Simply IT got the job done.

Altitude Marketing